Conscious HR: We capture what HR does.  Compare it to what you need.  To create the HR that you want. 


Setting Revolutionary HR Consulting apart from others is our holistic end-to-end and comprehensive view of the HR system – from the inside out to include governance and stakeholder needs. 


All our services share the same overarching goal of helping you create a well-developed human resources system that is grounded in service-delivery and strategic ability.  High-impact, transformational HR requires mastery of both. 


Talk to us about our specialized Conscious HR and Conscious Talent Managementsystems for conscious businesses. 

View our full list of services below:

Strategic Assessment of the HR System

(People/Processes/Policies/Shared Services)

HR Alignment & HR Business Process Improvement 

Consultative Services:

Performance Management/Workplace Investigations/HR Leadership Roles/ Startup and Small Business Support

Stakeholder Management and Deliberate Engagement

Purposeful Compensation: Performance Based Pay, Competitive Pay Practices

Revolutionary Style Integrated Talent Management (HR Strategic Planning)

HR Expert Witness

Project Scoping and Vendor Management

Conscious HR and Conscious Talent Management 


Strategic HR System Assessment (People/Processes/Policies/Shared Services)

Signature HR Assessment. Not your ordinary HR Assessment. 

Revolutionary HR Consulting offers a comprehensive and innovatively advanced assessment that will:

  • Specifically examine your HR organization to determine whether you have the right structure to deliver what your organization requires most.

  • Reveal your organization’s readiness and capability to effectively and successfully translate business strategy to HR strategy.


The deliverable is a roadmap to deliberate, strategic alignment of people strategies with organizational imperatives.  Contact us to learn more.

HR Alignment and HR Business Process Improvement 


Determining the right HR staffing model is a critical component to meeting the needs of your organization.  This is an essential area often overlooked when seeking to align HR systems with business imperatives, enhance HR performance or advance from transactional to transformational HR.


Revolutionary HR Consulting will help you to align:

  • The HR operating model, roles, responsibilities and competencies to the needs of your organization, its culture and stakeholder expectations. 

  • Workflow to where it makes the most impact and maximizes fluidity in operations.


Our innovative approach to this work breaks the silo mentality.  The deliverable is tangible action plans for excellence in the design and execution of your HR system.


HR Business Process Improvement 

Revolutionary HR Consulting can assist your business with ensuring fluidity and excellence in your operations with an end-to-end approach to service delivery and a focus on quality outcomes by: 

  • Streamlining existing processes and HR services.

  • Creating process where none exists.


Quality outcomes and successful delivery of HR services are the compound interest of streamlined, end-to-end work processes.  We will help you to transform and modernize your HR operations.  Contact us to learn more.

Consultative Services

  • Corrective and Disciplinary Actions

    • When used appropriately, corrective actions serve the purpose of correcting performance.When done poorly, it can become “Exhibit A” that you must defend in employment litigation. We work with you to make sure you get it right from the start including reviewing the issue, providing consultation on proposed action, drafting the action and working with legal resources where appropriate.

  • Performance Management

    • Whether you seek to build, rebuild, rebrand or otherwise enhance your performance management evaluation system, we can help. We use historic best practices to merge with modern advances in performance management to customize a complete process that best meets your needs, can be linked with new or existing rewards systems and maximizes available technology.


  • Workplace Investigations

    • Fact-finding, due diligence reviews and formal workplace investigations can be messy.Especially when conducted by untrained staff, leadership or where conflicts of interest may present due to size, organizational structure, or existing relationships. Eradicate these risks by contacting us to handle such matters professionally, effectively and with minimal disruption to the workplace.In addition to the report of findings, this service includes consultation for how to best manage the work environment throughout the investigation and beyond.


  • HR Leadership

    • Need help filling HR leadership vacancies on a temporary or contract basis? Perhaps you have had an unexpected staff departure or other circumstance where your company is at risk of not having much needed HR leadership. Revolutionary HR Consulting can assist.We have access to many seasoned HR professionals specializing in all areas of human resources management that can step in to fill the role on a temporary basis while you recruit for a long-term replacement.Avoid pitfalls and unintended consequences resulting from not having strong HR leadership in place, ensure continuity of services, information and leadership. At the conclusion of the assignment, and as an added benefit, we will provide you with an interim assessment of the current state of your HR function that will offer crucial insight and help set your future HR leader up for success.


  • Startup and Small Business HR Support

    • HR and employment requirements can be a difficult, complex field to navigate.  The good news is – that’s our business! Whether you are in startup mode or a small business at any stage, we can help to ensure you have the essential core elements of HR in place including those legally required and those that are necessary for good business and smooth people operations.  We customize each package based on the specific needs and priorities of your business.  

Stakeholder Management and Deliberate Engagement

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker


Culture can propel an organization to heights of success never imagined, with goals continuously reached and exceeded; or it can chokehold progress and cause an enterprise to crumble from within. 


Let the team at Revolutionary HR Consulting help you make the most out of your stakeholder relationships and time spent engaging.  Our advanced suite of tools will help you to:

  • Merge divergent interests among various stakeholder groups.

  • Facilitate working toward common solutions.

  • Garner buy-in across numerous groups.


Technology, strategy and structures can be replicated, but not the unique and creative contributions of your employees.  Enhance your ability to get things done, engage your workforce and gain competitive advantage for your organization through purposeful stakeholder engagement and partnering.  Contact us to learn more.


Modern, Purposeful Compensation


Compensation practices reinforce talent management strategies positively influencing retention of key staff.  Revolutionary HR Consulting will help you to develop a robust compensation strategy as part of your total rewards framework and overall talent management approach by:

  • Establishing a compensation program with multiple reward strategies.

  • Developing the core principles and foundations of organizational pay strategy.

  • Aligning performance goals to link directly organizational objectives.

  • Providing options for cost containment and long-term sustainability.

  • Identifying the needed policies, methods and procedures.

  • Establishing appropriate monitoring mechanisms.


Our team will help to establish your compensation strategies through multiple means.  Contact us to learn more.

Revolutionary Style Integrated Talent Management (HR Strategic Planning)


Benefit from Revolutionary HR Consulting’s trademark HR strategic planning approach, the Revolutionary Style Integrated Talent Management Framework.  It has helped numerous organizations in wide ranging industries establish a focused pathway to success for HR. 


Our inclusive approach engages stakeholders while touching each phase of the employment life cycle and the HR mechanisms that bind these phases together.  The result is a succinct, targeted plan that encompasses and clearly frames organizational and functional HR priorities, results and performance indicators. 


Our method includes essential aspects often overlooked and that greatly influence the successful execution of HR strategic commitments.  Contact us to learn more.

HR Expert Witness


Research, analysis, summary of opinion, consulting, and testimony in all areas of human resources.  Specializing in all functional areas of Human Resources including, though not limited to:

  • ADA and FMLA

  • Compensation

  • Corrective Action & Progressive Discipline Employment Practices

  • Discrimination

  • HR Practices Assessment

  • Labor Relations

  • Layoffs / Reductions in Force / Reoganizations

  • Negligent Hiring

  • Policy Review and Assessment 

  • Leadership Effectiveness

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Wrongful Terminations

Project Scoping and Vendor Management


Successful management of large-scale or complex project starts with effective project scoping.  

Revolutionary HR Consulting will help you:

  • Clearly, definitively identify and articulate your desired outcomes for complex HR projects.

  • Set clear expectations for vendors including key performance indicators necessary to assess progress. 

  • Infuse flexibility where appropriate and innovation in getting the results you require.

  • Responsibly manage resources and cost. 


Each of our talented team members has advanced experience managing various elements of large, complex projects in organizations upwards of 10,000 employees working in dozens of locations.  Examples of HR Projects our experienced team has managed:

  • Classification / Compensation Studies

  • Revised and/or New Performance Management Systems

  • Transition to Performance-Based Pay Compensation System

  • Expansion to Total Rewards

  • HR Technology Upgrades

  • Policy Consolidation and Streamlining  

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • HR Organizational Realignment  

  • Implementation of Significant Changes Resulting from evolution of Employment Law

and other Legal Requirements

  • Changes to Employment Status (classified to at-will/non-classified)   

  • Installation of Workforce Analytics Capabilities

  • Transition of Third-Party Administrators


Learning at the end of a project that the outcomes are not as desired is a disaster we can help you to avoid.  Contact us to learn more.