rev·o·lu·tion·ar·y (revəˈlo͞oSHəˌnerē)


involving or causing a complete or dramatic change


The HR system is the intersection between business strategy and the human beings who are responsible for its success. A well-developed human resources system enables your organization to have the workforce needed to continuously accomplish forward-focused, ambitious goals.  You need an HR system that supports your ability to identify, attract, engage and develop the talented staff you require to move your business objectives forward.  You need revolutionary human resources.


Revolutionary HR Consulting will help you advance your HR system to become a strategic workforce cultivator partnering to drive the most critical organizational outcomes. We illuminate possibilities and provide tangible action plans for excellence in the design and execution of your HR system. Let our firm help you maximize your talent management capabilities and strengthen your position in the employment marketplace.


At Revolutionary HR Consulting we understand that HR is an enabling function, much like IT and Finance, in that it enables your organization to accomplish its strategic objectives by providing the operational infrastructure for building and maintaining a world-class workforce.  Our company philosophy is predicated on the closely held belief that conscious HR is a foundational element of your organizational strategy that must be stable, yet fluid and modern so it can meet your unique and evolving talent management needs.  We know that high-impact, transformational HR requires mastery of both service-delivery and strategic ability.

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Revolutionary HR Consulting brings a century of HR and business expertise. Our exceptional team members are comprised of accomplished professionals with proven successes in all areas of HR practice, organizational development, leadership excellence, employee development, business process improvement, strategic communications, relationship management and organizational development. Each of our talented team members has advanced experience managing various elements of large, complex projects in organizations upwards of 12,000 employees working in dozens of locations.  We have rolled out comprehensive projects in complex environments gaining traction where such has been historically difficult to gain.  

LaCoya Shelton,


Chief Executive Officer

& Expert Witness


Barbara Basel

Senior Consultant & Strategic Partner 

Kelly Cameron

Senior Consultant & Strategic Partner

Gloria Diaz

Senior Consultant & Strategic Partner

Megan Tormey

Consultant & Strategic Partner

Jessica Bell

Senior Consultant & Strategic Partner

Laura Ingegneri

Senior Consultant & Strategic Partner


LaCoya Shelton is a highly qualified and competent expert in the area of workplace sexual harassment and human resources. I was pleased with her mastery of the case facts, her well-reasoned and researched analysis, and the clarity of her expert opinions. In addition to her impeccable qualifications, LaCoya has an excellent work ethic. She is professional, timely, and flexible. Always available to discuss and analyze case developments. I would highly recommend her expert services.

- Monica Pertea, Aspey, Watkins & Diesel PLLC (AWD Law) 
Northern Arizona’s Law Firm