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Welcome to Revolutionary HR News

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Where HR Systems and Business Strategies Align. Join the Revolution!

Welcome to Revolutionary News – the blog site for Revolutionary HR Consulting. Here, you will find thought leadership on relevant HR topics making clear the connections between the HR system and business strategies with a bend toward practical application and, of course, while having fun! Our firm partners with businesses to help create a well-developed human resources system that is grounded in service-delivery and strategic ability because we know that high-impact, transformational HR requires mastery of both.

The HR system is the intersection between business strategy and the human beings who are responsible for its success. Leading HR organizations, such as #shrm and #deloittetalent, that are dedicated to advancing workforce effectiveness and related HR practices regularly highlight the ever-growing talent management needs of companies of all sizes. Revolutionary HR Consulting brings together research from such leaders in this industry and apply our knowledge and decades of experience as HR practitioners, leaders, mentors and influencers. Our content recognizes the critical importance of aligning the HR system, which provides the operational infrastructure upon which business goals are accomplished, and the business itself.

Stay tuned for more Revolutionary News from our team of experts as well as our podcast. I am thrilled to have you have join the revolution!


LaCoya Shelton

Chief Executive Officer

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