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Kelly Cameron

Kelly Cameron is a Senior Consultant and Strategic Partner with Revolutionary HR.  Bringing 20 years of experience to the role, Kelly is a thought leader who specializes in creating efficient structures through improved systems, processes, and procedures; and is a driver of positive change through critical thinking and innovation of business improvement strategies, philosophies, and change management methodologies using systems thinking. Kelly has a strong ability to bridge divides between “siloed” environments and create organizational structure and order where none exists.

As an expert in this field, Kelly has helped clients develop and implement strategic communications plans and data driven decision systems that have led to better management and performance.  Using his considerable and impressive reservoir of expertise, Kelly partners with clients to establish strategic alignment of business goals and accountability, transformative thinking, organizational and leadership development, change management, team building, and overall organizational effectiveness.  Results have included increasing enterprise performance and management capabilities, improved organizational efficiencies of scale and scope, positive cultural shifts, and development of high performing teams.  

Prior to his current role, Kelly resided in North Carolina where he was the Managing Director for the McCullough Cameron Group, a consulting firm specializing in Change Management, Organizational and Leadership Development, and Organizational Effectiveness. Before venturing into consulting work, Kelly spent nine years in Wealth Management at several financial institutions in senior executive roles.

Kelly possess an MBA from The College of William & Mary, a Master’s Degree in Organizational Design & Development/Change Leadership, and a BS in Business Administration from North Carolina Wesleyan College. Kelly is currently working on his PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.   

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