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At Revolutionary HR Consulting we understand that HR is an enabling function, much like IT and Finance, in that it enables your organization to accomplish its strategic objectives by providing the operational infrastructure for building and maintaining a world-class workforce. 


Our company philosophy is predicated on the closely held belief that HR is a foundational element of your organizational strategy that must be stable, yet fluid and modern so it can meet your unique and evolving talent management needs. We know that high-impact, transformational HR requires mastery of both service-delivery and strategic ability.  Our customized approach to creating Conscious HR and Conscious Talent Management systems ensure that your organization's HR priorities and scope of services are lock-step with your business's goals and strategic commitments.


We structure our fees based on completed deliverables as we are focused on quality outcomes and recognize the great benefit this provides to budget management. Working closely with your designated team members throughout the engagement, we aim to empower you, not become consultant-dependent. Our team approaches work with a sense of fun and enthusiasm. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you. 

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